New ECF Drop

A few months ago, our cable uplink to ECF / ITS data closet was damaged, dropping it down from gigabit to a measly 100mbit. And what an unsteady 100mbit connection it has been — already, it has oscillated up and down from gigabit a few times, but has also caused us disruptions and downtime grief as well.

That all changes this week! In mid July, we had installers come in an wire in a dual, redundant CAT6 ethernet drop. This one is located behind the secure door of the EngSoc data closet, and replaces the old drop that was located across the room, and required a second hop before it reached the data closet. This means far fewer chances for disruption (the wire is totally locked away & enclosed), and provides redundancy ( we have a 2nd wire, if one ever gets damaged again). To provide this redundancy, the new EngSoc router is dual-homed, and has both of the ethernet cards bonded together — if either wire breaks, we’ll be ready.

Just take a look at the new performance:

Where before we were struggling to push 80Mbit/s download and upload, we’re now well into the hundreds-of-megabits range. What’s this all mean? Faster website hosting speeds for clubs, less downtime, and improved internet speed for the EngSoc officers! 

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