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Eliminate Spam, Threats with WordPress Plugins & Updates

Dealing With Spam

WordPress is just as vulnerable to spam as email — in fact, more so, because the control of spam filters is put entirely in your (the end users’) hands.  A prime example of why you want to install spam filters for your WordPress comments was a site I just worked on:


For those who can’t see it yet:

That’s right 1981 pending comments — and over 99% of them are spam. Truly a way to learn via the school of hard knocks. A quick way to limit your Skule website’s spam comments (and make it easier to publish valid comments) is use the WP-Spamshield plugin:


Simply install, and keep up to date, and your comments will be spam-free.

Another helpful plugin which will outright ban bad IPs, and keep tabs on spammy visitors is Wordfence:


Dealing With Viruses & Hackers

WordPress  – like any software – needs to be kept up to date (here’s looking at you, <insert-lazy-club-webmaster-name-here> !) or you risk having hackers break into your site by exploiting  vulnerabilities. It’s not hard, and its necessary, if only to keep me (your humble sysadmin) and the webmaster from pulling our hair out a few times each month.

It’s really quite a simple process:

  1. Log into your wordpress
  2. Click on the updates button
  3. Click upgrade/install
  4. Enter your FTP credentials Note that you MUST use localhost as the hostname!
  5. Upgrade & Enjoy!