The Servers are Coming!

The servers are coming, the servers are coming!

Yes, we’ve done it. We’ve gone and deployed a new, shiny, starburst-advertized┬áserver cluster – and a rack-mounted one at that, too. While there is still provisioning and service cut-over left to do (from the old systems to the new ones), the cluster is all up and running.

What we’ve got (from top of rack to bottom):

  • Lenovo SFF PC – acting as gateway router
  • Keyboard+Display & KVM switch
  • 2 x LXC host nodes
  • 12TB RAID server
  • DLink DGS1100-24 switch (on rear — not visible)
  • APC UPS1000
  • Old Xserve RAID, now defunct… but too heavy to move!

Some before and after shots:

before_closet before_serverafter_closet after_server

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